Vegetables That Start With R

Are you looking to add some variety to your vegetable intake? If so, you may be interested in exploring the world of vegetables that start with the letter R. From root vegetables to leafy greens, this category offers a range of options to incorporate into your meals. Some popular choices include radishes, rutabagas, and red peppers. But there are also lesser-known options such as ramps, roselle, and romanescu broccoli. Whether you’re a seasoned veggie lover or looking to expand your palate, keep reading to learn more about these ravishing vegetables that start with R.

List of vegetables that start with R

20 Vegetables That Start With R

  • Radishes: A small, crunchy vegetable with a peppery taste.
  • Rhubarb: A sour-tasting stalk often used in desserts and jams.
  • Red cabbage: A colorful cabbage with a mildly sweet taste.
  • Radicchio: A bitter leafy vegetable often used in salads.
  • Ramps: A wild onion-like vegetable with a garlicky taste.
  • Radicke: A type of radish with a long, white root and green leaves.
  • Romaine lettuce: A leafy lettuce with a crisp texture and mild taste.
  • Radicava: A Japanese vegetable with a nutty flavor that is often used in soups and stews.
  • Radicati: A type of radicchio with a round head and purple leaves.
  • Rapini: A leafy green vegetable with a nutty, bitter taste.
  • Ras el hanout: A North African spice blend that often includes dried vegetables like turnips and carrots.
  • Red bell pepper: A sweet, colorful pepper often used in salads and stir-fries.
  • Red onion: A pungent onion with a red outer layer.
  • Red potatoes: A type of potato with a red skin and white flesh.
  • Rhubarb chard: A leafy green vegetable with red stems and a sweet, earthy taste.
  • Rosemary: An herb often used in cooking that has needle-like leaves and a pine-like flavor.
  • Rutabaga: A root vegetable with a sweet, nutty taste and yellow flesh.
  • Runner beans: A type of green bean with a slightly stringy texture and a mild taste.
  • Round zucchini: A small, round vegetable with a green skin and white flesh.
  • Russian kale: A leafy green vegetable with curly leaves and a slightly bitter taste.

These vegetables that start with R are all unique and have different tastes and uses in cooking. For example, radishes are often sliced and added to salads for a peppery crunch, while rhubarb is used to make sweet desserts like pies and crumbles. Red potatoes are great for roasting or mashing, while red cabbage adds color and flavor to coleslaw or stir-fries. Try experimenting with some of these vegetables in your own cooking to discover new flavors and textures.


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