Thanksgiving Food That Starts With W

Are you tired of the same old Thanksgiving foods every year? Why not try something new that starts with the letter W? We’ve compiled a list of delicious dishes, from classic favorites to unique twists, that will satisfy your taste buds this holiday season. From creamy whipped mashed potatoes to savory wild rice stuffing, you’ll find something to love on this list. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore some mouthwatering Thanksgiving food that starts with W!

List of thanksgiving food that starts with W

Top 20 Thanksgiving Foods That Start With W

  • Wild Rice Stuffing: A delicious and healthy alternative to traditional bread stuffing, made with wild rice and a variety of herbs and spices.
  • Wine: No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a great bottle of wine to share with family and friends.
  • Whipped Cream: A staple topping for pumpkin pie and other holiday desserts.
  • White Wine Gravy: A savory and flavorful sauce made with white wine, chicken broth, and pan drippings.
  • Water Chestnuts: A crunchy and delicious vegetable often used in casseroles and stuffing recipes.
  • Wheat Rolls: A hearty and wholesome bread that pairs perfectly with turkey and cranberry sauce.
  • Winter Squash: A sweet and nutty vegetable that can be roasted, mashed, or pureed for a variety of side dishes.
  • Whiskey-Glazed Carrots: A flavorful and easy-to-make side dish that adds a touch of sweetness to your Thanksgiving meal.
  • Wild Mushroom Gravy: A rich and earthy gravy made with a variety of wild mushrooms and savory herbs.
  • Wilderness Pie: A unique and delicious dessert made with fresh berries, nuts, and a homemade crust.
  • Wild Boar Ham: A flavorful and tender meat that can be served as the main dish for your Thanksgiving feast.
  • Walnut Stuffing: A hearty and flavorful stuffing recipe that includes chopped walnuts, celery, and onions.
  • Wilted Spinach Salad: A healthy and delicious salad made with fresh spinach, bacon, and a warm vinaigrette dressing.
  • Winter Fruit Salad: A refreshing and colorful salad made with seasonal fruits like pomegranate, citrus, and apples.
  • Wine-Poached Pears: A simple and elegant dessert made with fresh pears, red wine, and warm spices.
  • Wild Game Sausage: A flavorful and unique meat option that can be used in stuffing recipes or served as a side dish.
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake: A rich and creamy dessert that combines the flavors of white chocolate and cheesecake.
  • Warm Cider: A comforting and seasonal drink that can be spiked with brandy or rum for an extra cozy kick.
  • Winter Vegetable Hash: A hearty and healthy side dish made with roasted root vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips, and carrots.
  • Wild Rice Salad: A flavorful and healthy salad made with wild rice, dried cranberries, and toasted pecans.


From wild rice to walnut pie, there are a plethora of delicious Thanksgiving foods that start with the letter W. Whether you’re hosting a feast or bringing a dish to share, these options are sure to impress your friends and family.

Wild rice is a popular choice for Thanksgiving due to its nutty flavor and unique texture. It pairs well with autumnal flavors like cranberries and pecans, making it a versatile addition to any meal.

For a sweet treat, walnut pie is a must-try. Similar to pecan pie, this dessert features a rich, gooey filling that’s made with chopped walnuts. It’s the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal on a high note.

Other Thanksgiving foods that start with W include white potatoes, which can be mashed, roasted, or turned into a creamy casserole. Whipped cream is another W ingredient that’s often used to top pies and desserts.

When it comes to planning your Thanksgiving meal, it’s important to choose dishes that will satisfy your guests’ taste buds while also providing a sense of comfort and tradition. Whether you opt for wild rice, walnut pie, or another W-inspired dish, you can rest assured that your meal will be a hit.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving foods that start with W offer a range of options that are both delicious and satisfying. From savory sides to sweet desserts, these dishes are sure to please everyone at your table. So why not try something new this year and add a W-inspired dish to your menu? Your taste buds will thank you.

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