Religions That Start With V

Welcome to my blog post about religions that start with V! If you’re wondering what religions fall under this category, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the five major religions that begin with the letter V – Vaishnavism, Vedism, Voodoo, Vipassana, and Unitarian Universalism. Whether you’re interested in learning about different faiths or simply curious about the diversity of beliefs around the world, this post will provide you with an overview of each religion’s history, beliefs, and practices. So, sit back and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of V-starting religions.

List of religions that start with V

List of 20 Religions That Start with V

  • Vedism: An ancient religion of India that is closely associated with the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of Hinduism.
  • Voodoo: A folk religion that originated in West Africa and is practiced mainly in Haiti and other parts of the Caribbean.
  • Vajrayana Buddhism: A form of Buddhism that emphasizes the use of tantra, meditation, and other spiritual practices to achieve enlightenment.
  • Vishnuism: A sect of Hinduism that worships the god Vishnu as the supreme deity.
  • Vitalism: A philosophical and religious belief that all living organisms possess a vital force or energy that animates them.
  • Voluntaryism: A political philosophy that advocates for a society based on voluntary cooperation and free markets.
  • Vendidad: A collection of texts in Zoroastrianism that deals with religious laws and ethics.
  • Vaishnavism: A sect of Hinduism that worships Vishnu and his incarnations as the supreme deity.
  • Vedanta: A school of Hindu philosophy that emphasizes the realization of the self as the ultimate reality.
  • Vajrayogini: A Buddhist goddess associated with the practice of tantra.
  • Verses of Faith: A collection of hymns and prayers in the Baha’i faith.
  • Vedanā: A Buddhist term that refers to the sensation or feeling that arises in response to a stimulus.
  • Vedanta Society: An organization dedicated to the study and practice of Vedanta philosophy.
  • Vajradhara: A Buddhist deity associated with the practice of tantra.
  • Veneration of the dead: A religious practice found in many cultures that involves honoring and remembering deceased ancestors and loved ones.
  • Vasubandhu: A Buddhist philosopher and scholar who is known for his contributions to Yogacara and Abhidharma traditions.
  • Vagbhata: An ancient Indian physician and scholar who wrote several works on Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Vedanga: A group of six auxiliary disciplines in Hinduism that are used to study the Vedas.
  • Vaisheshika: A school of Hindu philosophy that focuses on the nature of reality and the classification of substances.
  • Vietnamese folk religion: A syncretic religion practiced in Vietnam that combines elements of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and indigenous beliefs.


After delving into the world of religions that start with V, it’s clear that there is a vast and diverse array of belief systems to explore. From the ancient Vedic traditions of Hinduism to the modern philosophy of Vipassana Buddhism, each religion offers a unique perspective on spirituality and the human experience.

While some may argue that these religions differ greatly in their teachings and practices, it’s important to remember that they all share a common goal: to provide a framework for individuals to connect with something greater than themselves.

Whether you’re drawn to the intricate rituals of Vodou or the peaceful mindfulness of Vipassana, there’s no denying the power of faith and spirituality in our lives. By exploring the many religions that start with V, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our place in the world, and the mysteries of the universe.

So if you’re feeling curious and adventurous, why not take some time to explore the fascinating world of religions that start with V? Who knows, you may just discover a new path that resonates with your soul and brings new meaning to your life.

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