Religions That Start With O

Are you curious about the lesser-known religions of the world? Perhaps you’ve heard of Orthodox Christianity or even Oomoto, a Japanese new religious movement, but have you ever heard of the religions that start with O? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the unique and fascinating religions that begin with the letter O, including the ancient religion of the Ossetians and the modern-day Oahspe faith. Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in learning about different belief systems, read on to discover some of the lesser-known religions that start with O.

List of religions that start with O

Religions That Start with O

Here are 20 religions that start with the letter O:

  • Odinism: This is a religion that is based on the worship of the Norse god Odin. It is also known as Asatru.
  • Oomoto: This is a Japanese religion that was founded in 1892. It is based on the belief that the universe is governed by a single divine force.
  • Opus Dei: This is a Catholic organization that was founded in Spain in 1928. Its members seek to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Orphism: This was an ancient Greek religion that was based on the teachings of the mythical poet Orpheus.
  • Osho: This is a spiritual movement that was founded by an Indian guru named Rajneesh. Its followers practice meditation and other spiritual practices.
  • Ozark witchcraft: This is a form of witchcraft that is practiced in the Ozark Mountains region of the United States.
  • Ozawa-deism: This is a Japanese religion that was founded by Tatsuki Ozawa. Its followers believe in the existence of a divine force that governs the universe.
  • Ozidi: This is a religion that is practiced by the Ijaw people of Nigeria. Its central figure is a hero-god named Ozidi.
  • Ozunaism: This is a religion that was founded by the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna. Its followers believe in the power of positive thinking and the importance of family.
  • Occultism: This is a broad term that refers to a variety of beliefs and practices related to the supernatural.
  • Oneness Pentecostalism: This is a Christian denomination that emphasizes the oneness of God.
  • Order of the Solar Temple: This was a cult that was active in Switzerland in the 1980s and 1990s. Its members believed in a combination of Christianity and New Age spirituality.
  • Orthodox Judaism: This is a branch of Judaism that adheres to traditional Jewish law and practices.
  • Orthodox Christianity: This is a branch of Christianity that is characterized by its adherence to traditional Christian beliefs and practices.
  • Oromo religion: This is a religion that is practiced by the Oromo people of Ethiopia and Kenya. Its central figure is a creator god named Waaqaa.
  • Oshunism: This is a religion that is practiced by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. Its central figure is the goddess Oshun.
  • Old Believers: This is a group of Eastern Orthodox Christians who adhere to pre-reform Russian Orthodox traditions.
  • Oomancy: This is a form of divination that involves interpreting patterns in eggs.
  • Oneida Community: This was a utopian community that was founded in the United States in 1848. Its members practiced communal living and complex marriage.
  • Oriental Orthodoxy: This is a branch of Christianity that is characterized by its adherence to the teachings of the first three ecumenical councils.


In summary, religions that start with “O” are diverse and often have rich histories and traditions. From the ancient religion of Osiris in Egypt to the modern-day Oomoto in Japan, each of these religions offers a unique perspective on spirituality and the human experience.

Whether you are looking for a new spiritual path or simply interested in learning more about different religions and cultures, exploring the world of “O” religions can be a fascinating and enriching experience. With their focus on community, morality, and personal growth, these religions offer valuable insights into what it means to be human and how we can create a better world for all.

So, if you’re curious about the world of “O” religions, take the time to do some research and learn more about these fascinating faiths. From the ancient to the modern, from the traditional to the innovative, there is something for everyone in this diverse and vibrant world of spirituality.

And remember, no matter what your religious or spiritual background may be, there is always something new to discover and learn. So keep an open mind, stay curious, and never stop exploring the rich and diverse world of religions that start with “O”.

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