How To Remove Credit Card From Amazon 2021

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon has made it incredibly easy to make purchases with just a few clicks. But what happens when you want to remove a credit card from your Amazon account? Maybe you got a new card or you’re trying to reduce the number of cards on file for security purposes. Whatever your reason for wanting to remove your credit card from Amazon, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to remove your credit card from Amazon in 2021. By following these steps, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your payment information is secure and up-to-date. So, let’s jump right in!

Why Remove Your Credit Card from Amazon?

There are many reasons why you might want to remove your credit card from Amazon. One of the most common reasons is to protect yourself from fraud or unauthorized purchases. If someone gets a hold of your Amazon account information, they could easily make purchases using your stored credit card information.

Another reason to remove your credit card from Amazon is if you want to switch to a different payment method. Maybe you’ve recently obtained a new credit or debit card, or you prefer to use a different payment method, such as PayPal or a gift card.

Finally, removing your credit card from Amazon can also help you stay on budget. If you tend to overspend on Amazon purchases, removing your credit card can make it more difficult to make impulse purchases and force you to be more intentional with your spending.

Steps to Remove Your Credit Card from Amazon

Removing your credit card from Amazon is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon account

Go to the Amazon website and sign in to your account using your email address and password.

Step 2: Navigate to your account settings

Once you are signed in, click on the “Account & Lists” tab in the top right corner of the page. From there, click on “Payment options” to view your saved credit cards.

Step 3: Select the credit card you want to remove

Find the credit card you want to remove from the list of saved payment options and click on “Remove” to delete it from your account.

Step 4: Confirm the removal

After selecting “Remove,” you may be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the credit card from your account. Click “Confirm” to finalize the removal.

By following these simple steps, you can easily remove your credit card from Amazon and ensure that your payment information is secure.

Alternative Payment Methods for Amazon Shopping

Amazon offers a variety of payment methods for customers looking to make purchases on their site. In addition to traditional credit and debit card options, Amazon also accepts gift cards, rewards points, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. By using these alternative payment methods, customers can enjoy added convenience and security when shopping on Amazon.

One of the most popular alternative payment methods on Amazon is the use of gift cards. These cards can be purchased online or in-store and can be used to make purchases on Amazon just like a regular credit or debit card. Additionally, customers can earn rewards points through their credit card or other loyalty programs and use those points to make purchases on Amazon.

For those looking for added security, Amazon also offers the option to use virtual credit cards. These cards provide a unique card number for each transaction, making it more difficult for hackers to steal sensitive information. Customers can also choose to pay for their purchases using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which offer increased anonymity and security.

Overall, Amazon’s alternative payment methods provide customers with added flexibility and security when making purchases on the site. By exploring these options, customers can find the payment method that best suits their needs and preferences when shopping on Amazon.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Online shopping is convenient and easy, but it can also be risky. To ensure that your personal information and credit card details are safe, follow these tips:

  • Create strong passwords: Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to create a strong password for your online shopping accounts. Don’t use the same password across multiple accounts.
  • Shop on secure websites: Look for the “https” in the website’s URL, which indicates that the site is encrypted and secure.
  • Use trusted payment methods: Stick to reputable payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, or gift cards.
  • Don’t save your payment information: Although it may be convenient to save your payment information on a website, it’s not secure. Always enter your payment information each time you make a purchase.
  • Watch out for phishing scams: Scammers may send emails or texts that appear to be from legitimate retailers, asking for your personal information. Don’t click on any links or provide any information.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the convenience of online shopping without putting your personal information at risk.

Benefits of Removing Your Credit Card from Amazon

If you’re someone who regularly shops online, you’re probably familiar with Amazon. It’s one of the most popular online retailers, and many people use it to purchase everything from groceries to electronics. While it’s convenient to have your credit card saved on Amazon for quick purchases, there are some benefits to removing it.

  • Better Security: Removing your credit card from Amazon can help protect you from fraud and unauthorized purchases. If someone gains access to your Amazon account, they won’t be able to make purchases without your credit card information on file.
  • Reduced Temptation: By removing your credit card from Amazon, you’ll be less tempted to make impulse purchases. It can be easy to click “buy” when your credit card information is saved, but having to manually enter it each time can give you a chance to reconsider.
  • Improved Budgeting: If you’re trying to stick to a budget, removing your credit card from Amazon can help. Without your information saved, you’ll be forced to think twice before making a purchase, which can help you stay on track financially.

Overall, removing your credit card from Amazon can help improve your online shopping experience in a variety of ways. While it may be a minor inconvenience to have to enter your information manually each time you make a purchase, the added security and improved budgeting can be well worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Removing Your Credit Card from Amazon

Removing your credit card from Amazon can be a hassle-free process, but if you’re new to the platform, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about removing your credit card from Amazon:

1. Why should I remove my credit card from Amazon?

If you’re no longer using a credit card or if it’s been compromised, it’s best to remove it from Amazon to prevent unauthorized transactions. Additionally, if you’re simply looking to declutter your account, removing unused payment methods can be a good idea.

2. How do I remove my credit card from Amazon?

To remove your credit card from Amazon, log in to your account, go to “Your Account,” click on “Payment options,” select the card you want to remove, and then click on “Remove.” Follow the prompts to confirm the removal.

3. Will removing my credit card from Amazon affect my account?

No, removing your credit card from Amazon won’t affect your account in any negative way. You can still make purchases using other payment methods or add a new credit card to your account at any time.

4. How long does it take for my credit card to be removed from Amazon?

Once you’ve confirmed the removal of your credit card from Amazon, it should be removed immediately. However, it may take a few days for any pending transactions to clear before the card is completely removed from your account.


In conclusion, removing your credit card from Amazon is a wise decision to protect your financial information from potential risks. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily remove your credit card from Amazon and switch to alternative payment methods such as gift cards, debit cards, or PayPal. Additionally, practicing secure online shopping habits and keeping your personal information confidential can help prevent fraud and unauthorized charges. The benefits of removing your credit card from Amazon include peace of mind, reduced risk of identity theft, and better control over your finances. If you haven’t already, take the time to remove your credit card from Amazon today and enjoy a safer, more secure shopping experience.

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