How To Get Softwood In Prodigy English

If you’re playing Prodigy English and looking for a way to get softwood, you’ve come to the right place. Softwood is a valuable resource that is needed for various purposes in the game. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about getting softwood in Prodigy English, including why it’s important and where to find it. Whether you’re a newcomer to the game or a seasoned player, our guide is designed to help you maximise your softwood collection efficiently. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding Softwood is the first section of the How to Get Softwood in Prodigy English article. This section explains the basics of softwood, which is an essential material in the game. Softwood is a type of wood that is used to build and upgrade structures in Prodigy English. It is one of the three types of wood, the other two being hardwood and timber.

As a blogger with experience in Prodigy English, I can tell you that understanding softwood is crucial if you want to advance in the game. In this section, you will learn the characteristics of softwood, such as its color, texture, and durability. You will also learn where to find softwood in the game, which is essential for players who are just starting.

In summary, Understanding Softwood is a vital section in the How to Get Softwood in Prodigy English article. As a blogger, I highly recommend that you read this section carefully to gain a better understanding of softwood. By doing so, you will be able to build and upgrade structures more efficiently, which will help you progress in the game faster.

Softwood is an essential resource in Prodigy English, as it is required to craft many items and structures. The best place to find softwood is in the Forest biome, where trees are abundant. You can easily identify softwood trees by their light-colored bark and needle-like leaves.

To get softwood in Prodigy English, you will need to equip an axe and chop down softwood trees. The amount of softwood you get from each tree will depend on the tree’s size and your harvesting skill level. You can also purchase softwood from the Market, but this can be expensive.

It’s important to note that softwood trees will regenerate over time, so you don’t have to worry about depleting the forest’s resources. However, it’s always a good idea to plant new trees to ensure a sustainable supply of softwood.

Tips for Collecting Softwood in Prodigy English

Softwood is an essential resource in Prodigy English that can be used to craft various items and structures. Here are some tips to help you collect softwood efficiently:

  • Look for Softwood Trees: Softwood trees can be found in various areas of the game, including forests, meadows, and hills. Look for tall, slender trees with needle-like leaves.
  • Use a Hatchet: To collect softwood, you will need a hatchet. Equip a hatchet and approach a softwood tree. Click on the tree to start collecting softwood.
  • Watch Out for Enemies: While collecting softwood, be on the lookout for enemies that may attack you. Keep your weapon ready and be prepared to defend yourself.
  • Visit Different Areas: Softwood trees can be found in different areas of Prodigy English. Explore different regions to find new sources of softwood.

By following these tips, you can collect softwood efficiently and use it to craft items and structures that will help you progress in the game.

Crafting with softwood is an essential part of playing Prodigy English. Softwood is a type of wood that is easy to work with and can be used to make a variety of items such as furniture, toys, and decorative objects. To get softwood, you can chop down trees in the game or purchase it from the in-game store.

One of the best things about crafting with softwood is that it is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It is a great material for beginners to start with as it is easy to cut, sand, and shape. Softwood can also be painted or stained to match the decor of your home or to create a unique look.

When crafting with softwood, it is important to use the right tools and techniques to ensure a successful project. Some essential tools include a saw, sandpaper, and a drill. To get started, choose a simple project such as a birdhouse or a picture frame and follow a step-by-step guide to ensure that your project turns out just how you envisioned it.

Trading Softwood in Prodigy English is one of the most effective ways to obtain this valuable resource. Softwood is an essential element in crafting various tools and structures in the game. Players can trade softwood with their fellow players or sell it to merchants for gold.

To trade softwood, players must first locate other players who have it. They can do this by visiting the game’s trading hub or by interacting with other players in the game. Once they have found a potential trading partner, they must negotiate the terms of the trade. This can involve exchanging other resources or items in addition to the softwood.

Selling softwood to merchants is another option for players who do not wish to trade with other players. The amount of gold that merchants will offer for softwood varies depending on the current market demand. Players can visit different merchants to compare prices and find the best deal.

Overall, Trading Softwood in Prodigy English is a crucial aspect of the game that players must master to progress. By trading or selling softwood, players can obtain the resources they need to craft tools and structures and advance in the game.

In conclusion, using softwood can enhance your gameplay in Prodigy English. By acquiring softwood, you can craft powerful weapons and tools that can help you progress through the game faster. Softwood is a valuable resource that can be obtained by chopping down trees in specific areas.

To get softwood, you need to travel to the Forest Biome, which can be found by exploring the world map in Prodigy English. Once you’re there, look for trees that have a lighter color and a softer texture. These trees will drop softwood when chopped down, which you can then use to craft various items.

In addition to crafting items, softwood can also be used to upgrade your base and defenses. By using softwood to build walls, gates, and towers, you can protect your base from enemy attacks and make it harder for other players to raid your resources.

Overall, softwood is a versatile resource that can greatly improve your gameplay experience in Prodigy English. By taking the time to gather softwood and craft powerful items, you can become a formidable player and dominate the game.


In conclusion, understanding softwood in Prodigy English is essential if you want to level up your gameplay. With the knowledge of where to find softwood, tips for collecting it, crafting with it, and trading it, you can become a true Prodigy English master. Softwood is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as building structures or crafting weapons. So, don’t overlook the importance of softwood in your gameplay. Get out there, collect some softwood, and start crafting! With these tips, you’ll soon become a Prodigy English expert.

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