How to decorate your home for Ostara

In this article, we will explore how to decorate your home for Ostara. This holiday is also known as the Spring Equinox, and it is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Many people decorate their homes with flowers, eggs, and other symbols of fertility. Others choose to decorate with more natural elements such as branches and stones. No matter what your style, there are many ways to decorate your home for Ostara.

Celebrating Ostara 🌱 Simple Ideas, DIYs and Rituals


What is Ostara?

Ostara is a spring equinox, traditionally celebrated by Pagans as the beginning of the planting season. Traditionally, people decorate their homes with flowers and greenery to celebrate the arrival of spring. Here are some ideas for how to celebrate Ostara in your home.

1. Start by clearing out any winter decorations. This includes any artificial plants, leaves, ornaments, and curtain rods.

2. Bring in some fresh flowers and greenery. You can buy plants or you can go outside and plant some yourself.

3. Get your home decorated with eggs. You can buy eggs at a store, or you can find them at a farmer’s market.

4. Create a spring centerpiece. You can use eggs, plants, or jars filled with small flowers.

5. Make some simple spring desserts. You can make traditional cakes or cookies, or try some new recipes like fruit pies or tartlets.

6. Serve fresh drinks like iced tea or lemonade.

7. Enjoy some easy spring tunes. You can listen to acoustic or pop music, or choose some ambient music to set the mood.

8. Celebrate Ostara by spending time with loved ones. You can chat, watch a movie, or take a walk in nature.

Why celebrate Ostara?

This spring, celebrate Ostara, the Easter holiday. Ostara is a joyous time to reconnect with nature and celebrate new beginnings. Here are some tips for decorating your home for Ostara:

1. Start with a spring centerpiece. Add a few flowers to a jug or vase and fill with fresh spring water. Alternatively, place a small bouquet of fresh flowers on your table.

2. Add cheerful Easter decorations. Hang colorful baskets filled with eggs, bunnies, and other spring goodies. Or go for a playful twist and hang spring-themed ribbons and balloons.

3. Incorporate natural elements into your home decor. Display ivy or other creeping plants in a vase or on a pedestal, or use bright spring colors to paint the walls or trim.

4. Create an Easter feast. Serve up a light but hearty Easter breakfast or dinner, complete with eggs, bacon, and toast.

5. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Ostara. Spend time in nature, read a good book, or take a relaxing walk in nature.

6. Share Ostara with your loved ones. Invite them over for a special Easter brunch or dinner. Let the celebration overflow into the coming days by playing Easter games, going on fun Easter outings, and spending time with family and friends.

7. Thank the Easter gods for new beginnings. Celebrate Ostara by dedicating prayer and gratitude to the gods and goddesses of fertility and new life.

8. Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a joyful Ostara celebration in your home.

How to decorate your home for Ostara

Ostara is the first of the spring equinoxes and marks the beginning of the new year. To celebrate this special day, you can decorate your home in some spring-inspired style. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Choose a comfortable color scheme for your home. This can be something light and airy, such as pale pink or blue, or you can go for something more vibrant, such as yellows or oranges.

2. Freshen up your décor with spring flowers. These can be colorful tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths.

3. Bring in the sunshine with yellow walls and a yellow rug.

4. Organize your home with fresh, new baskets and pots.

5. Get your furniture cushioned and comfortable with bolsters and cushions.

6. Add a touch of nature with a bird feeder or a flowering tree.

7. Make a special dinner for your family to celebrate Ostara. This can be a simple meal of eggs or pancakes, or you can go for a more elaborate feast.

8. Enjoy Ostara in peace and quiet surrounded by your happy home.

symbols of Ostara

Ostara is a time to celebrate the rise of spring and all that comes with it. Whether you are planning a small celebration at home or organizing an event with friends, there are many ways to express your Ostara spirit. Here are a few symbols to help you get started.


Ostara is traditionally celebrated by releasing new colors into the world. To celebrate, dye eggs, flowers, and vegetables in new colors. You can also add new plants and herbs to your garden, or make a new spring crop.


To further celebrate the arrival of spring, add fragrance and color to your floral arrangements with natural essences like Melissa, jasmine, or lavender. Try adding a few drops of these essences to water or oil to create a fragrant spring bouquet.


Create a sacred space in your home by burning votive candles in honor of Ostara. Select candles that represent the new season, like yellow roses or daffodils. A small altar or shrine can also be created to house these candles, and you can add brightly colored flowers and other symbols of spring.


To celebrate Ostara in the natural world, decorate your outdoor space with new plants and flowers. Plant bulbs or seedlings in pots or containers, and add fresh greenery to your garden or porch. Add eggs, dandelions, and other spring flowers to your landscaping to add a sense of fertility and new life.

food of Ostara

If you’re looking to add some color and brightness to your home during Ostara, here are some ideas for decorating your place.

– Flowers: Whether you’re going for traditional flowers or something more whimsical, adding some color to your home is a great way to celebrate Ostara.

– Candles: Add a little warmth and glow to your home with some candles.

– Lighting: Whether you’re using votive candles or Hohlauer candles, adding light and a touch of glamour to your home is a great way to celebrate Ostara.

– Home decor: Whether you’re looking to add a little spring into your step with some plants or to spruce up your home with a new piece of furniture, decorating your home to celebrate Ostara is a great way to brighten up your day.

– Food: Whether you’re looking to make something special for Ostara or just add some flavor to your normal meals, food is a great way to celebrate Ostara.

activities for Ostara

Looking to celebrate Ostara this year? Here are some ideas for activities to do in your home to commemorate the springtime celebration!

1. Plant some new flowers in your garden to welcome Ostara.

2. Start fresh with a new spring cleaning of your home. Clear out the old clutter and add some fresh flowers and plants to brighten up your space.

3. Create a new centerpiece for your dining room table with some fresh flowers and greenery.

4. Start planning your Easter egg hunt! Add some Ostara-themed clues around your home to help your children track down the eggs.

5. Make some Ostara-inspired brownies or cookies to share with your friends.

6. Organize your family photo album to include some fun Ostara-themed pictures.

7. Have a fun Ostara scavenger hunt inside and outside of your home.

8. Celebrate Ostara by getting cozy with a good book or movie!


to celebrate Ostara in your home you can; decorate with flowers and greenery, make a wreath for your door, set a place for the Nature Spirits, create a Ostara altar, and decorate eggs. By doing these simple things you can bring the energy of Spring into your home and life.

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