Female Names That Starts With S

Are you looking for the perfect name for your baby girl? Look no further than this list of stunning female names that start with the letter S. From traditional to modern, these names are sure to inspire you. Whether you’re seeking a name that has a strong meaning or simply sounds beautiful, you’ll find it here. Start your search now and discover the perfect name for your little girl.

List of female names that starts with S

List of Female Names Starting with S

  • Samantha: A popular name that means “listener”
  • Sarah: A name that means “princess” and has biblical roots
  • Savannah: A name that means “flat tropical grassland”
  • Scarlett: A name that means “red”
  • Selena: A name that means “moon goddess”
  • Serena: A name that means “calm, serene”
  • Shannon: A name that means “wise river”
  • Shayla: A name that means “from the fairy palace”
  • Sheila: A name that means “blind one”
  • Shelby: A name that means “willow farm”
  • Sienna: A name that means “reddish-brown”
  • Silvia: A name that means “from the forest”
  • Sofia: A name that means “wisdom”
  • Sonia: A name that means “wisdom”
  • Sophie: A name that means “wisdom”
  • Stella: A name that means “star”
  • Stephanie: A name that means “crown”
  • Susan: A name that means “lily”
  • Suzanne: A name that means “lily”
  • Sylvia: A name that means “from the forest”

This is a list of 20 female names that start with the letter S. Each name has a unique meaning that reflects something special about the person who bears it. Some examples include “listener,” “princess,” and “moon goddess.” These names can be used to give a child a meaningful and memorable identity.


After researching and compiling this list of female names that start with S, it’s clear that there are countless options for parents looking for the perfect name for their daughter. From classic and timeless names like Sarah and Sophia to unique and modern choices like Saoirse and Sloane, there’s something for every taste and style.

But beyond just the aesthetic appeal of these names, it’s important to consider the meanings and origins behind them. Many of the names on this list have rich histories and cultural significance, adding an extra layer of depth and significance to the name you choose for your child.

Whether you’re looking for a name that honors your family’s heritage, reflects your personal values, or simply sounds beautiful, there’s no shortage of options among the female names that start with S.

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So as you explore this list of female names that start with S, remember to consider not just the sound and style of each name, but also the stories and meanings behind them. With a little research and reflection, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your daughter that will carry her through a lifetime of adventures, accomplishments, and dreams.

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